Georges Blanc
Temple of gastronomy

Established in 1872, this institution is quintessentially of the Bresse area, famous for its chicken, its delicious sauces, its clever cooking and amazing flavours. Don’t forget to try the famous pancakes of Vonnas, the brainchild of Madame Blanc! It’s all just part of the simple pleasure of eating.


The Domain of Planons

The departmental museum of Bresse is situated at St- Cyr- sur- Menton on the old site of the agricultural domain of Planons. It’s an important cultural site in the heart of the wooded region. There are more than 20 hectares to look round and 3000 m2 of exhibition to enjoy. There are things to interest both young and old. There is an historical exposition of attractive photos & charts about museums including collections of scientific data, poetry & precious antique relics.


Golf in Bresse

From the Pro shop to the golf course you pass through the restaurent. The fairways are not watered & so the course presents a golfing challenge which changes with the seasons. In summer the problem is to control the rolling of the ball & in winter to find out the where the ball has actually landed.


La Roche de Solutré

This is a huge outcrop of rock located a few kilometres from Mâcon in the heart of the vineyards of Pouilly Fuissé, famous for its white wine & goat’s cheese.
A prehistoric museum is situated at the foot of this rock. As a prehistoric site it allowed the passage of wild goats but it is equally famous as President Francois Mitterand used to regularly climb it.