General conditions

  • Arrival time
4pm -7pm
  • Departure time
8am -11 am
  • Breakfast
8am -10am
  • Payment
The cost per night is 150 euros for 2 persons (taxes included)
The management do not accept cheques.
A credit card is used to guarantee each reservation.
There are credit card payment terminals available on site.
The extras are not automatically included in the reservation price and must be paid for separately after reviewing the use of the mini bar, drinks, telephone & extra meals etc…
  • Cancellation/prepayment/ deposit
These are the same no matter which bedroom is booked.
The prepayment is 30% of the total cost of the booking.
The limit of cancellation is 2 weeks before the booking. After this time the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Parking
There is a large parking area & each guest will be given an electronic code on a key, by which to enter & leave the premises.
  • General
The establishment is non – smoking and there are smoke detectors in each bedroom.
  • Children & extra beds
All infants of less than 3 years old can use cots. There will be no extra cost for these. There will also be no charge for breakfast for such infants.

For children between 3 & 17 there are extra beds available at no extra cost. Breakfast also is not charged for.
The maximum number of extra beds per room is limited to 1 (for bedrooms Spirit of Bresse & Calvary horses only).
Extra beds for children or babies are only available on demand and must be confirmed at the time of reservation.

  • Domestic animals
Pets can be admitted into the heart of the establishment but limited to 1 per bedroom. If the animal is large its acceptance depends on how full the establishment is. Animals must never be left alone in the bedrooms.
  • Consumption of alcohol
We are a licensed as a “Grand Restaurant” (licence 4)
Consumption of alcohol is conformed to the French law & the relevant law is on display.
  • Swimming pool times & rules
The pool is fenced & closed from 9pm to 9am. Anyone breaking this rule risks being excluded by the establishment.
Children are the entire responsibility of their parents.
Extra towels for the pool are available on demand.
  • Tennis court times & rules
The courts are closed from 9pm to 9am. Anyone breaking this rule risks being excluded by the establishment.
Any towels needed are available on demand as well as the rackets.
  • Boule court times
The boule court is lit until 11pm if requested. Sets of balls are available on demand.
  • Games room
This is normally closed at 10pm but can be used until midnight if requested.
  • Bicycles
The management owns 6 cycles, 5 for adults & 1 for a child.
  • Lists of rules
A full list of house rules is posted in each bedroom.